High School Diploma Online Program
If you've decided to earn your high school diploma through an online program, our approved course is a great option for you. The free online test is easy to use and tailored in an accelerated format for students who are looking to quickly earn their high school diploma. There is no fee to enroll and each student will choose their own username and password to login to the online testing platform. If you are ready to earn a real high school diploma online through our approved Take-At-Your-Own-Pace program, click the following link to start! >> Enroll For Free

Take The Course At Your Own Pace
The online high school diploma test program is designed to be taken at your own pace. Students who desire to quickly complete the course can do so and receive their diploma in a week or even less. Others who have a more demanding schedule or need additional time can stop the test and when ready, use their username and password to continue where they last left off. Our school admin will save a student's login info permanently. If a password is forgotten, a student need only to navigate to the login page and send their username to our staff who will then reply with their password code upon review.

Complete The Test Online At Home
The test format applied in our high school program meets rigorous standards in the online education body. The testing battery applies, in an accelerated format, the same core subjects that are included in the actual GED test. In a traditional school setting, a student is required to attend classes at a physical location and complete courses to earn credits in order to graduate. Our online high school program instead applies an accelerated and condensed curriculum based on the official GED criteria which allows a student to quickly earn their diploma online without attending local classes.

Improve Your Importance & Income
New statistics of 2008 show that individuals who receive their secondary education make on average of $500,000 or more over their lifetime than those who don't. More employers and organizations will now choose a prospective employee who has a high school diploma versus one who does not. The current job market is a volatile and highly competitive arena, even in general work positions that used to quickly hire without any education certification. These employers now have many more options and prospects with higher credentials as the job market shrinks. Don't let any potential opportunity pass you by! Enroll in our free program today to be on your way to receiving your high school diploma!

Free Lifetime Verification Proof
Every student who graduates the high school diploma test with a 70% or higher in each subject will then be eligible to order their diploma package. Every diploma package includes our high school verification services. This free service to graduates enables an employer to contact our counselors to verify a candidate has completed the course with a satisfactory grade percentage. Due to this professional verifying process, most employers will accept the online high school diploma as an alternative to a GED or traditional high school diploma.